• Vinny Vince

Grumpy's mutterings

Well...this years all gone somewhat tits up hasn’t it? What have we been up too? Much the same as you I would imagine raiding the fridge at every available opportunity and sitting on the bike making motorbike noises. Neeeowwwwww. At least you can get out for a socially distant ride now, some of us have been out and about but apart from that nowt much else has happened....clamming for a proper pint though, when can we go to the pub? Ohh that’s a development some of us are heading off to the TT next year should be a belter, staying at a cracking little campsite just outside of Ramsey, counting the hours down literally. You never know there might even be a proper blog update thingy as opposed to me rambling utter bollocks and attempting to hold your interest. Rallies...remember them? Damn undercooked bat virus or whatever it is, anyway I will stop chatting shit and let you fine people get on with whatever it is your doing, hope to see you out and about or in a field soon, stay safe people Grumpy VC

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