• Vinny Vince

Covid Gulag

What a pain in the arse this year has been. No touring, no rallies, no bands (well I saw one outdoors at one of the NE bike nights at Angels Place). At least we've been allowed to ride our bikes though. Without that I may have lost the plot entirely (shurrup yee). Anyhoo, onwards and upwards. We may have missed a lot this year but all being well next year, the Shags 25th anniversary, we should be able to get back to partying hard and getting out and about A LOT!

Plans are already well underway for a trip to the TT, plus there's another run planned down to The High Chapperal in Luxembourg for a few days touring using that as a base. We will be having a geet big party to celebrate 25 years of daftness at some point too so stay tuned and we'll see you on the flip side. Cheers


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