• Vinny Vince

And we're back (ish)

As restrictions are lifting we're slowly getting back to the 'new' normal' whatever that is. For us this means we've had our first outdoor socially distanced meeting and our monthly Stupid Satda ride outs are starting again (1st one 24th April), though it's still gonna be a while before we can invite all comers to ride with us and join us for a drink after. The good news is we can start to organise events again. Our annual 'Ooh Shag Hunt' treasure hunt is booked for the 3rd July and we've booked our 'Spooky Santa' do for the 27th Nov. (details to follow but put the dates in your diary). We have also managed to have a small Easter Egg run to a special needs facility in Hexham. It's good to be back in the saddle and doing summat for worthy causes again. See y'all soon..... Vin

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