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Midsummer update

What else has been gannin on then other than a Scottish Tour and our Ooh Shag Hunt do? Well loads really, we've been getting out and about to bike nights at The Garage, Angels Place and St John's Chapel amongst others. Shows have been attended including the RNLI Custom show at North Shields and Bikewise, Rallies have been partied at, including The SPOT Rally at Quaking Houses, The Monks Rally at Berwick, The Dragonslayers at Corbridge and the Firebird Rally in Wrexham. There's even been a wedding earlier in the year. Congrats Grumpsters. All that plus our monthly meetings, Stupid Satda ride outs/piss ups and the even a trip out to Learning for Life's Prom night. It's been a busy old year so far. Onwards and upwards. See you on the road, or in the bar :)

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