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First bit ower

So what we been up to since the last blog on new years day. Loads riding funnily enough. It's been a funny old winter, glorious one minute, bleaching doon with snow the next. Better than the shite grey freezing shite we normally get though. Some of us had a ride down to Darlo in Feb and that resulted in Duncan becoming the proud owner of a very nice Triumph Commander. Lucky sod! Some of us even managed a run up to Clydebank for Grumpy's club stag do at The Mutineer's club hoose. What a cracking night. Them lads and lasses hospitality is second to none. Some pics hereabouts of the main man and his well earned spew lol. We had another run up to Learning for Life at Consett to hand over another cheque, this time for £510 the majority of which which was raised at last years Ooh Shag Hunt and topped up on the day by Ray, Banksy and Aidan. Cheers chaps. Straight from there, once the bikes were away it was Richy's official stag do doon the Toon. Cracking day and some memorable moments which will no doubt be talked about for years to come. Reet the suns oot again so I'll take me leave. Enjoy the pics.

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