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Happy New Year

Well goodbye to 2018. Wasn't a bad year biking wise, break down wise it's been a shocker for a few of us but hey ho, all sorted now hopefully. Onwards and upwards and we'll hopefully see a lot of you folk out on the road or getting lashed up in a field over the coming year. Thanks to all that braved the freak weather to get to our Christmas party. It was one hell of a night. One of the best bands we've ever had on IMHO and certainly from the feedback we got, one of the most popular. It was just a shame the room wasn't rammed for them (the dance floor was though). Anyhoo, due to feerdy cat taxi companies and such not daring to drive in the 'Ice Rain' numbers were sadly down, and I'm sorry to say that for the first time in 22.5 years we didn't even cover the cost of the band :( However we are the Shite Shags, and we refuse to let a good cause down, so in the spirit of Christmas we've magic'd up £150 and will be passing that onto The Friends of Chopwell Park very shortly.

Thanks all who've supported our gigs throughout the year and get the next one in yer diary now eh. 6th July will be the Ooh Shag Hunt. Our annual treasure hunt on the bikes, with another cracking local band on in the evening. See ya there.

Pic is of some of us gathering at Seaham prior to laying a wreath on remembrance Sunday. Lest we forget.

Oh, then we rode onto Consett to donate a bunch of money to local charity 'I Support a Hero' . Thanks to all who attended the Halloween bash for that.

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