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Woosh ya bugga, where's the year gone man? Sorry the blog's been real quiet since our ill fated trip to europe but there's been plenty going on. Bones, Maz, Carly & Jonathan had their own trip away back to the Krumbach rally to visit our German and Swiss family, a bunch of us went to the Draconians rally. New site was cracking and the atmosphere was spot on, cheers to them. We had our annual treasure hunt (re-named Ooh Shag Hunt) in memory of those we've lost, had a right blast doing it, and raised £490 for Learning for Life while we were on too. Hellraiser were bloody fantastic. Happy days. Big Davi's stag do happened up at the Mutineer's club hoose. I'm told that was a stonker of a night, shame my bike packed up at Peebles, I was looking forward to that :( Stupid Satda ride oots and piss ups are still going strong so get yerselves along. Dates are in the calendar. The last one to Mike Barry's Motorcycle Museum at Scaleby near Longtown was a belter. A castle got stormed big style. Much drunken fun was had there. I guess the bragging rights have to go to Duncan (now re-named Dora) who rode an Enfield Himalaya up to Everest Base camp. It's definately the highest club sticker to date. Loads I'll have forgotten but it's been a cracking year. Let's hope the salt stays away a while longer. We'll be out there making the most of it.

Hooseplant on the Ooh Shag Hunt.

The Shags at play

3 of us being cool, groovy n'that

Banksy creating some new artwork in his jeans.

Dodgy landlords and their bairns aal ower mind!

Dora on top of the world

Very few club stickers way up there.

Good hoody refelected in them mirrored shades eh.

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