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Jeez, where's this year goin'? Seems I've been slacking with this here blog and haven't posted since December! Deepest apologies for that. I've slapped meself on the wrist hard for it, don't you worry.

We've not been sleeping though . Amongst other things we've had a right royal piss up to see the New Year in, and handed over another £340 to Learning for Life while we were at it. We had a grand if chilly ride out for breakfast at Morpeth Trikes then onto Westgate Road for our first Stupid Satda of 2018, The second one, I know happened, I just can't recall where we went :( . A bunch of us went over to the Coniston in the Lakes for a few days in February as well, and had a right hoot messing with Banksy's Alexa while heavily under the influence by night, and doing adventurous type clarty stuff by day. Great times. March saw us marry off two of our own, Bones and Maz. We'd like to wish them every happiness and had a cracking day at their wedding, so thanks for that. Our Mini Easter Egg Run followed that on the 31st. What a shitty horrible sleety numb day that was. Still, handing over 90 eggs to the Consett Community Trust warmed the cockles a bit, and once the mingin' bikes were locked away we still made it over to Krusty's and to the Kirkby Stephen vintage vehicle rally so all in all not a bad day. Note to all. Monthly meetings are now on the 2nd Frida and Stupid Satda's have generally been moved to the last Saturday to coincide with live music at the club after. Get yersels along. Cheers. Vin

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