• Harry Frumblegrommitt

December n' that

So... December eh? That means it's Christmas party time in Shags land. What a corker this years was n'all. Tubesnake played an absolute blinder, lots of old faces turned up, stacks of folk donated prizes and even more stumped up their hard earned wonga to buy tickets / launch money at bottles of spirits etc. to ensure that we were able to raise another £340 quid for the fantastic Learning for Life College at Consett. Thanks to you all, yer bloody brilliant!

Another thing we got to do this month is to meet Bailey Smith and we got to hand over the £630 we raised towards his operation at our Halloween party. Nice to meet you kid, and I hope you reach your target soon.

Merry Christmas to you all, and we'll se you in the New Year. Aaaal the best how!

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