• Harry Frumblegrommit

Summer run 2017

Awesome trip away this year. Just shy of 1000 miles, virtually none of them on motorways. Cracking roads, stunning vistas and quality company. From Geordieland to The Sun Inn North Wheatley, Gainsborough (possibly the friendliest locality we've ever experienced) through the Peak District stopping at Bakewell, down into Crick Howell, South Wales for the night. Then onwards to the Brynamman for the SledHead Custom Cycles 'Do' that wasn't.... before heading up through stunning scenery and mint weather to the Nabdonia soiree at Betwys-y-Coed. We won 1st and 3rd prize in the raffle there, part of which was a case of real ale (at last orders) so I may have ended up a tad tipsy after that :)

The glorious sunshine on Sunday morning was a great start and once we'd got out of the town (G nearly didn't due to some blind nutter trying to kill him as we were leaving) it was a steady run back out of Wales, and away back through the Peak District again, to Matlock Bath for the night. Met up with some old friends of Banksy's there, a few peeves and a geet injuns set us right for the night. I think I must have had my eyes shut last time I was there, cos it's bloody beautiful and I could remember very little of it.

By the way Birchwood Farm camping near Matlock don't accept "rowdy bikers", the cheeky twats. If you'd like to go on Trip Advisor etc. and shame them, feel free.

Next up it was onwards into the Yorkshire Dales, though we did have to divert to Sheffield to by a new Big Top for Graham, as he was far too cozy in his BnB the night before. That out of the way, we hit some decent roads with not so decent traffic heading up Kettlewell. Here again, we were nearly turned away because the owners had had bother the previous weekend with a large group. Howay man we're 242 year old between us for christs sake. Who's more likely to cause bother, us or the three groups of teenagers doing there Duke of Edinburgh on site? Sheesh, by the way if the owner reads this and wonders..... The pretty alcopop puke in the bogs wasn't us eh. Lush spot though, only issue being the church bell right next door tolling gets a bit much when you've not got your ear plugs handy.

The last day was suitably gloomy for heading home. Pissed down is what it did. However this is summat we're more than used too, so we just got on with it. Lush brekky in the village cafe then a very steady ride home, punctuated with a visit to Krusty's Bike Barn for coffee, kett and an attempt to seperate Banksy with his money. Didn't work like the Rocket 3 remains in the shop :) That was that, back across the moors, Tees Valley, Wear Valley and Derwent Valley to home in relentless drizzle. A dreary end maybe, but what a fantastic trip. Can't wait for the next one.

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