• Harry Frumblegrommitt

Stupid Satda #8

Just noticed I didn't update wor blog after the last Stupid Satda. It was a grand day n'all. Warm(ish) and dry for October, not bad at all. We didn't do any marathon riding today just cruised about in the autumn sun a bit enjoying worsels. Off to Billau's in Darlo first for coffee and a drool. Some nice bikes in there mind. Big G damn near came out £10K in debt [still might yet ;)]. Nice friendly staff as well, they knew we were just out for a blast and killing time but didn't try to rush us out or hassle us in any way. Nice change that. Then it was off to see Tommy at Seaham and grab some fish n chips, before blatting up the coast to go and show our local 81 some support in their new venture at Angel's Place. Good luck with it if you're reading lads, looks like it could be a damned fine venue for shennanigans and I'm sure we'll be back. A cracking and looooong night was had back at the club after to finish off. Belting end to a belting day. See you on 12th Nov for Stupid Satda #9 :) .

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