• Harry Frumblegrommitt

Beamish Trial and Chester le Street Bike Show

What a bloody grand day for a ride out. Mid September and roasting hot, unbelievable. Bit spur of the moment this ride but the call went out on Saturday to see who was up for a look out, and me (Vin), G, Ray, Lukey and Greener stepped up to the plate, oh the hardship :) Ace ride up through the back roads of Weardale passing many a vintage trial competitor to Westgate, where we'd planned to watch the old chuffers splooshing through the ford. Darned thing was shut :( so we headed up towards Nenthead to catch a bit of off road action. Didn't get there as it happened as there was a checkpoint / tea break stop (hardened racers see) at Killhope Lead Mining Centre. We spent a happy hour or so there watching the bikes roll in, chug to a stop then tink away quietly in the sun while their knackered owners had a well deserved break. Splendid to see all the old trials machines as well as some right odd ball bits of kit being used as they were (or weren't) intended. Cool way to spend a sunny Sunday. From there it was another glorious ride back eastwards to Chester-le-Street avoiding any major roads, to where there was a charity bike show at Park View School. Did anyone know there are two Park View schools in Chester-le-Street? No? Neither did we, and it didn't half confuse us until a passing American footballer told us at school no. 1 where school no. 2 was. Unfortunately we missed the prize giving and such and many of the entrants had buggered off before we arrived but it looked like it had been a cool do. Next year we'll do it the other way round. Feel free to join us.

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