Bloody stupid name innit? and that's kind of the point. We're not the sort of folk to take themselves too seriously, so our name should be suitably ridiculous we reckon. The name was actually made up on the spot while out on a treasure hunt ride in the mid-nineties. Twenty six years later, I think you can safely assume it's stuck :)


Who are we? Just a bunch of bikers who enjoy riding, drinking, touring, rallying, partying and stuff in each others company. That's it. No more, no less.


We've raised a shed load of money for charity over the years (using the medium of alcohol to persuade folk to part with cash at various rallies, rock nights  and ride outs) but that, particularly the rally, was beginning to take over so we've now re-grouped and are concentrating on putting some serious miles under our belts. The charity work is still happening (though limited by Covid 19 this last year), it's just not being allowed to take over. Still managed to raise over £600 though, so not too shabby.

We meet on the second Friday of the month at The Official's Club (The Gaffer's) in Chopwell. Feel free to come along. It's just an informal gathering and most people are on the piss so don't feel you need to come on the bike. We also have a monthly Stupid Satda ride out. Check the calendar for details. Everyone welcome :)